Website Photography

Specialised Website Photography, Anglesey, Gwynedd & Conwy

Website photography differs to more traditional forms of photography especially when concerned with colour, resolution and file size of images.

Almost 25% of websites on the internet today use ‘WordPress’ and a staggering 60% plus of content managed websites also use ‘WordPress’. In many cases the way photographs are shot and manipulated for use on the modern day web is crucial to get the best out of your website.

Dynamic Images

A dynamic image is more likely to attract the attention of your website visitor than a ‘normal’ image, specifically with banners or sliders. They need to stand out and convey your message, clearly and concisely.

Through various Photoshop techniques including luminosity masks, blending and layering we can not only make your images come to life but the message you are trying to convey to your site visitors will be loud and clear. The composition will be right and your viewers will not be waiting for the images to appear.

Sliders, Banners & Thumbnails

Many websites today use ‘sliders’ for their images and advertising messages in combination with thumbnails of various sizes to display galleries and portfolio pages.
The task of displaying images correctly becomes even more complicated if you have a ‘Responsive’ website i.e. websites that automatically resize for viewing on mobile devices.

This can result in images uploaded to your website not being wide enough or cropped so much the photographs loses its visual appeal. With this in mind we make sure our photographs will fit your website perfectly.

If you would like to know more about our website photography service or our commercial photography please contact us for further details.