South Stacks Lighthouse, Holyhead Mountain

I knew that the Milky Way would be behind the lighthouse at about 8.00pm I just had to find a spot in the dark to take the shot.

This is the view looking down the path it was about 9.00pm. The Orange Horizon couldn’t be seen with the naked eye but the camera managed to pluck it out of the dark.

The path is the only route to the little island from Holyhead Mountain, accessible via a metal bridge below. It is a weird experience standing there in the dark without my head torch on. It seemed so peaceful. As your eyes get adjusted to the night you can just about make out the path in front and the sides of the cliff as the light from the lighthouse reflected passed me. I’m scared of heights and in the daytime I find it quite frightening, but at night because you can’t see the shear drop everything seemed safe and very much surreal.

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