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Back Into Astrophotography

It’s been almost 3 years since I shot my last astro photo. This was due to heavy light pollution where we used to live and because of this my photography wasn’t improving. This type of photography was shelved until we moved elsewhere with clearer skies.See More»

Porth Trefadog

Porth Trefadog

An unexpected sunset this evening. As forecast there should of been thick cloud over the horizon but it wasn’t and the sun managed to shine through. It was a quick dash to the car and off to Porth Trefadog 10 minutes down the road.See More»

Church Bay ‘Porth Swtan’

Between Rocks
I wasn’t expecting to take any pics but I always take my kit in the back of the car ‘just in case’. The sky was clear with very little cloud (not good) and not much in the way of waves. See More»